Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Recover & Recap

Let us recap, shall we?
Last we left off, I was headed to BeadFest Philly to do some browsing, a little shopping, network with instructors, and just have an all out "me" time for beads - three full days planned !

Well - don't forget, I have a "more than full time career" (not beading) that typically gets in the way and this time, it did not disappoint.
I was notified just a few days before BeadFest began that I would be audited the following week. Not IRS audit (my gosh!) but an annual inspection. Its not a BIG deal, as everything is usually in good order, but the last year has been a .... um ..... (thinking nice ways to put this) - "Topsy-Turvy, Tired of Moving Things Around" Life.
So when inspection is announced, its time to put things in their correct places.

Yes, that meant my three day, overnight with friends, beading & shopping weekend was now cut back to a day and a half.

That did two things - it forced me to rush around with an attempt at efficiency (which I'm used to) and it probably saved me a lot of money - HA!

I ended up with a BIG order from a BIG supplier that I had shipped back to the Boutique.
- Lots of Crystals - can we have enough? Lemme answer that - NO!
- A 2 lb brass hammer with a few random blanks (for me!)
- A small assortment of this season's gemstones - we don't need another gemstone, I have boxes waiting to be sold off. Before it was seed beads, it was a gemstone addiction

But more importantly - I kept my promise to myself!
I did my best attempt to network with some of the "celebrity beaders" and speak to them about potentially teaching in NJ at Bead & Glass Boutique !

I met lots of really nice, genuinely happy to be speaking with me people.
There are BIG possibilities for next year - and heck, if we can get them here this year - well - YAY !!!

And....Just for me - I bought lots of kits ! I'm at that stage of beading that I just don't want to say to people, "I can figure that out." I really have declared, "Just show me." Ah! That's liberating - and SO much easier!
I have kits from Jill Wiseman, Shelly Nybakke, Lisa Niven Kelly, and Glenda P., and AWESOME instructions from Leslie Rogalski.
I can't wait to get something fun finished - just for me.

We also just received our shipment of Miyuki's new TILA beads !
OH EM GEE !!! The possibilities with these little beauties are endless !
If you enjoy working with seed beads - these are an absolute MUST have. In all 30 colors of course :)

Here's a photo of an "in progress" Tila Bead project:

This is a modification from a graphic only pattern supplied by the Miyuki company themselves.
I plan on making the wheel a centerpiece for a bracelet.
More to follow!

Oh - and that pesky audit ?
The best, most clean audit the examiner/auditor has ever done. Not a single item out of place.

Babies were all tucked into the nest! (really, would you expect anything less?)

+ 1 for Amy


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