Sunday, November 28, 2010

Seeing the Forest through the Trees

Well...Holiday earrings are now completely restocked at the Boutique !!

I ordered plenty of materials several weeks ago to complete the Holiday Earring task. These earrings are usually our most requested item.

Between work, teaching, and the Boutique being just busy in general, there sat the supply materials to make the earrings. As Thanksgiving came along, I started to get nervous that I still had not had time to make up the earrings.

Yesterday was my day and I called in reinforcements. Four of us sat at one of our classroom tables in the Boutique. Two to assemble the Swarovski Crystal beads onto the headpins, I did all the wire wrapping, and last but not least, one to put the earring on the earwire. Once assembly was done, those assembling were then put in charge of placing the earrings on the earring stands, preparing them for sale. It was a great little assembly line!

150 pair of Swarovski Holiday earrings are now on sparkling display - yes, that's 300 perfect little wire wraps. A variety of color options are available as well as style.
We have Christmas trees in 5 color choices, Pearl Snowmen, and Snowflake earrings.

So....with that many Christmas tree earrings produced yesterday, my vision was spent. I could hardly see the forest through the trees! But in the end - the BIG picture is Sparkling Gorgeous!


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