Monday, September 5, 2011

Aemelia - Good Quill Hunting Pattern Test - Official Review

I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time about a week and half ago.

Chris, from Good Quill Hunting, posted a call out on her Facebook page requesting pattern testers for a project she was just wrapping up the tutorial for. The requirements were as follows:

You have-#8,#11,#15,4MM & 6MM Fire polish? - CHECK (I own a bead I have beads? haa haaaa!!!)
Knowledge of RAW mandatory - CHECK
I need it done right away,like today - OK, I can swing a little bit of time today - CHECK
You don't have to do the whole piece, but must commit to me for a TODAY test though - OK, I'll do my best for ya!

So I replied.
And I got lucky & was chosen to participate.
I already had some beads on my Save and Go, as I am typically "in the middle" of 3 or 4 projects at once.
My go-to-colors are always olive green, bronze, brown, copper, and either silver or pewter.
If anyone out there knows me well enough, not only are you laughing hysterically, you know that nothing changes. ;)

I scooped up some 4mm's from a stash I had in the other room (brown, of course) and waited to receive her instructions.

I have to admit. While I thought I knew right angle weave well, oohhh...
I've never done a tubular RAW project. I've done a flat RAW & zipped it up with another row. But never worked in tubular RAW.
I hesitated, and actually thought about emailing Chris to let her know I was in over my head - especially since she needed it worked on right away.
On second thought - here's a chance to try something new, with instructions, and a guide at the other end, if needed !!!

I set to work.

WOW - Not only are her instructions well written - it was perfectly clear what I had to do !
For someone that only had flat and layered RAW experience, I found this a very easy project to complete.
Chris makes her pattern easy to follow, row by row.
Even the clasp construction and attachment was very easy to understand.

Also, I have to admit something - which should speak volumes to you...
I'm what I'd call a technical beader. I am not result driven. I want to learn a technique, apply it until I have a grasp on it, then set it down in the "never getting done" pile. It is rare that I finish projects in a timely manner, and it is quite common that I will get up in the middle of a project and walk away from it.
Sometimes I think I offend whomever is teaching it, but once they get to know my nature, I'm usually excused (*wink*).

It took me a little over a week to complete, an hour here and there, as I just don't get a lot of time to actually sit and bead, uninterrupted.
Hurricane Irene decided to pull a big interruption on my plans during this same time frame.

Can I tell you, from a technical beader - How excited I was about this project & actually had the desire to finish it !?!
That alone - speaks volumes about this pattern.

Now - remember, I had only flat and layered RAW experience.

And I was able to make this:

(Please pardon the quickie camera phone shots - I wanted to get this posted for Chris)

The result is a beautiful, supple, well designed rope.
I can envision using this pattern with LOTS of gorgeous colors.

Please visit Good Quill Hunting and take a look at the great patterns she's published.

Visit her blog to read about the other pattern tester's results !


  1. You are so awesome Amy!! Thanks so much for the awesome review as well!! I am thrilled you liked it..and finished it ;) Thanks so much! Loving the color palette you used as well. It is so cool to see what others chose! I will be posting this on my website here any day now (procrastinator and have fab new 'thing' on my beading table that is pushing me with a driving force!!) Sharing the link here on my Facebook wall. HUGS!!

  2. Chris,
    Anytime you need a tester, just holler! This was fun and it helped to expand my stitch skills.