Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Preciosa Beads For Blog Winner - Jennifer VanBenschoten

Recently, a friend of mine, Jennifer Van Benschoten (you know her as the editor of Beading Daily) was chosen as a recipient of Preciosa's Beads for Blog Post program.

Each month, Preciosa chooses a few recipients to receive a box with 1000 grams of their czech beads in it !!

YES - 1000 GRAMS !!!

Who can't party on that?

Check out what Jennifer started to play with first...
She blogged about it today at Beading Daily.

I'll give you a hint - its a bead... it has TWO holes

Beading Daily Blog Post

On a separate note - Cross your fingers - I've applied to Preciosa for the Beads for Blog Program & sincerely hope I get the opportunity to play with their great beads !   I'm loving the color combinations they are packaging up!


  1. Oooo, Amy, I hope you get it, too! You would have SUCH a great time with these Twin beads... I'm having a blast trying to figure out motifs and chains... Good luck!

  2. I won too!!! I so hope you get it!!! My treasures were posted today too!

    1. Kristen !! You got it too ??!! That's awesome !!
      I bet its just packed full of fun!

  3. I'll definitely check! I hope you win!