Friday, November 1, 2013

Book Review: Foxy Epoxy by Kristal Wick

"Foxy Epoxy:  44 Great Epoxy Clay Projects with Serious Bling" by Kristal Wick
Published by Lark Crafts

I admit it, when I first received this book for review, I set it aside.
Epoxy Clay is not a chosen medium that I work with often - and apparently not often enough, as I quickly discovered once I had more time to "flip through."

I found myself enamored with some of the pieces, smiling at Kristal's use of vibrant color, and her unabashed love of bling.  Its contagious!

Epoxy clay is a unique medium, consisting of two parts.  One is a resin and the other is an activator / hardener.  When mixed together, the substance will hold almost anything.
The craft industry has seen a vitalization, of sorts, of this material by adding color.  Common brands are:  Crystal Clay and DeCoRe.

I have some minor experience with Crystal Clay and have taught a couple of "how to" sessions in the Boutique.  I've witnessed instructors, like Nikia Angel, take Crystal Clay and turn it into magic, right before my eyes.  Once you start, it IS addictive.

But I digress, with little time to create on my side these days, Crystal Clay isn't one of the top few craft items I get out to play with.  I haven't had enough time to experiment on my own.

Little did I know the diverse projects and designs you could create with this material!

Kristal, with the help of twelve talented designer friends, have put together a great collection of projects that give you a variety of things to work with, full of inspiration and ideas!  This is truly a craft technique to try your hand at.

Not all of the projects in the book are my style, but that would hold true with any book.  Some I just didn't understand the "why," of it.  Yet others kept me smiling at their whimsy, their innovative use of materials, and their complete wearability.  This speaks of a diverse group of projects, for every style.

This sourcebook will take you from the very beginning to a endless road of possibilities.  There is a comprehensive "what" and "how to" section, followed by projects that start out simple enough and  become more complex as you browse through.

The usual suspect projects are there, as in Kristal's "Bling Rings", and Deb Saucier's "Compact Mirror" (which I have actually made both of these!!).  These two are the things that come to mind when I think "Crystal Clay."

Then there are more!
My favorites are:
Kristal's "Doodle Pendant" is a multi-medium dream!  What a great way to spend an afternoon using many of your talents.
Stephanie Dixon's "Over The Moon"necklace is just adorable and very wearable.
Jean Campbell made some really cool & innovative earrings called "Tire Swing" earrings.

And the one that IS my style & makes me want to go get some epoxy clay?
"In the Round Earrings" by Candie Cooper

If you've ever wanted to try Crystal Clay - consider this book as a really great reference tool to springboard into your own unique designs.  It will open up your mind to things you didn't know were even possible with Crystal Clay.

Very nice work, Kristal - I love the whimsy & talent you bring to designs!

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