Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Beads & Back to Fabric !

Sneak peek at some of the cutie pie beads I made over the weekend

Now just need to get some daylight hours where I'm not glued to a desk to go get some bright pics !
Want to guess which one I'm keeping for myself? hmmmm???

With a full work schedule & a busy schedule in the Boutique, I really only get decent time to torch on declared days off from the shop. So this last batch of beads might be it for a few weeks.


Now I'm back to the fabric for embroidery!
Remember those pieces I said I still had to cut apart & sew them together after I fused the interfacing to them?
Well, an energy drink super charge kept me up late last night, so I did come cutting & sewing!
Today I started actually stitching beads to the fabric.
I'm really excited to see how it turns out. The little flowers are so stinkin' cute !
Will get "photo journal" of pics as I go - will share soon!

OK - kitty snoozing, fiancee already went to bed. Time for beading !!
But just a little - no more late night energy drink buzzes! (oy!)