Monday, August 2, 2010

Week "Off" Condensed Version

My so-called self-declared week off turned out to be a little bit of week off, and a little bit of the things you're not supposed to be doing when you are "Off."

Rule #1 - do not answer the office phone, or check voicmail, email, etc. (Fail)
Rule #2 - do not book client appointment (Fail)
Rule #3 - keep your compulsive self out of your office, the paperwork will wait (Fail...really failed)
Rule #4 - do not go to the Boutique and expect not to work (Semi-Fail, after all, I do not consider the Boutique as actual work most days)

All in all, though, I have to say, I think I did pretty - OK - for not leaving the country. (the only way to really get away)

I took a class in the Boutique with one of our guest instructors. She taught a beautiful Scalloped Pearl bracelet that uses 4mm Swarovski Pearls & 11/0 Delica or Treasure beads. Since it has a magnetic clasp (gasp!) - Voila! Now its reversible. I LOVE LOVE this bracelet!

Spent three sessions at the torch - two good long ones, and one abbreviated one. The shortened session had a lot to do with the frustration of copper foil & glass. Grrrr. Then I remembered the "trick" that John Winter taught in a class I sat in several years ago. I just needed patience, and apparently enamel, of which I had neither that day. HA!
Results coming soon - they've been cleaned, just need pics. Some are just really too cute!

Spent one day sweating like crazy while I moved boxes and boxes of things out of our old house. We're finally nearing having it rented out, so its time to get all of our remaining treasures out of there! While moving isn't my thing, there is something about purging old things that makes you feel good. No remorse - I haven't seen or used some of the leftover things that are in that house for year. Lots of it went straight into the trash or to the good will pile. Time to lighten up in life :)

Had a great lunch out with two girlfriends, laughing, chatting, and dumping life stories on each other - that's what friends are for!! Thanks ladies !!

Had a nice night out with GB and friends at a the Auburn Road Winery. It was a really beautiful night outside & the atmosphere is just so quaint. Nice place & they have a few good wines to sample too! Noted, however, next time - bring dinner with you - #1, its allowed & encouraged, #2 - they don't offer much on Saturday nights. Cheese & a baguette just wasn't enough to soak up the good wine.

Hence, the day after was spent lounging and watching movies.

So, all in all, a decent "week off."

Now I just want a real week off to truly recharge, relax, and get a tan (ok, burn) but try to get a tan.


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  1. Had a great time laughing, chatting and dumping life stories on each other too!
    Not to mention the sushi lesson!
    Love you guys!!! XOXOX