Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ETSY and Etching

So I decided now that I actually have something handcrafted to share, I'd repopulate my Etsy shop !!
You can see it here:
Amy's ETSY

I've started to slowly get some of my lampwork beads listed for sale there. So go check it out!

In my most recent torch session, I remembered I also LOVE to etch some of my glass beads.
(How on earth could I have forgotten that? I dunno - but I did!! )
In my box of supplies for lampwork bead making, I found my bottle of Etch All.
It was like a 3 year old at Christmas!

Ran upstairs to where the most recent batch of baked beads was soaking in a soapy water bowl, rinsed them all off, dried well...and inspected.
Carefully selected only the ones that I know need to be etched.
Funny how none of them screamed to be etched until I became aware that I still had a bottle (and folks, not just a bottle - a BIG bottle) of Etch-All. The kind that will likely last me for the next 5 years of beadmaking (if I don't take any more hiatuses.)
Then they were practically jumping out of the bowl to be etched.

15 minutes later - yes, I set the timer on the stove - they were lightly surfaced etched & gave them just enough velvety feel that it was time to pour nasty brown liquid gold back into its BIG bottle & seal up for next time.
All were rinsed, patted, and permitted to dry until they were inspected again.

Bead Velvet Heaven!

Now to turn them into sets....

Get over to ETSY & see what the velvet fuss is all about!



  1. cool to hear you're working again!

    just a heads up about etching, make sure you neutralize the reaction. after they sit in the etch, put them in a bowl of warm water and baking soda. if you dont, the etch reaction will go on and it gets a weird white haze towards the ends of the bead.

  2. Oh my, your beads are gorgeous. The detail in glass art beads never ceases to amaze me.

    Have a great week.

  3. @Ali - thank you for the tip with the Etch. I always rinse them, but never thought to use baking soda. I'll give that a shot!
    Good timing, actually, I just took a little batch out of the etching liquid gold.
    Its good to have a little bit of time to actually be at the torch. Can't tell you how much I've missed it. Alas, however, if things go as planned, I may have to put it on hold again for a while.
    I'll keep you posted :)

    @Lori - thank you! They're really fun to make, if you ever have the opportunity, give it a shot! Check out local places to see if there's a class near you. Its exciting!

  4. definitely neutralize them. i have some super old beads that were etched and not neutralized..they're gross, it gets this brown film all over the surface.

    enjoy torchin'.

  5. @Ali: EWWW! Who wants icky brown beads?! Thanks again - I now neutralize after etching :)
    I've been loving every minute I get to spend at the torch. Thanks!
    But alas, that will again be limited as we move into the next business phase. So time will be dedicated elsewhere, but at least I know I can always come back to it !! Just like riding a bike.