Friday, July 16, 2010

Kids & Polymer Clay

This morning was an interesting one.
It starts with the usual waking around 5am & can't go back to sleep, so the mind starts wandering...
Eventually get myself up & going with a client appointment early in the day.

Follow that with a stop into the Boutique to help my staff member cover things while she worked with a small group of young girls.
Last week, we offered part one of our two part Kids Workshop. We had three young ladies sign up.
On Friday they spent over an hour making polymer clay beads. We baked them over the weekend.
Today they came back to make a necklace & bracelet out of their handcrafted beads, supplemented by some czech glass beads.

Turns out the girls had a sleepover last night, stayed up way too late (haa haa, remember those days?) and came in a little tired this morning.

However, their creativity was not lost ! They made beautiful pendants for their leather necklaces and used the rest of the beads they made in bracelets with a wide variety of colors.
About half way through their project with us, they seemed to come alive a bit.

Now, I personally didn't assist the children, I just watched from afar & helped the few other customers that visited that hour.
But it was refreshing to see their perspective on color & design...

A really well behaved group of young ladies. I hope to see them visit again!

Tonight brings an inventory project for me.
While I LOVE getting new beads....the inventory process is a bit nightmarish. Not only is it time consuming, its frustrating for a creative mind to have to sort, price, etc and not PLAY with those new treasures.
I must mentally design 100 things in my pea-brain when I'm doing inventory processes. Only maybe one or two of which actually come to life at any point in time.

OK - back to work !! :)


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