Monday, July 19, 2010

Joann Fabrics thanks to Rachel Nelson-Smith

Several weeks ago I was forced into a trip to Ikea (hell on earth, too visually noisy to me).
My fiancee LOVES Ikea. Its complete artistic overstim for him. He browses & looks at everything.
Therefore, I grab the cart and head two sections ahead.
Turns out, there IS something at Ikea that gave me reason to browse !!
They have fabric. They not only have fabric by the yards & yards (apparently its used for curtain like structures in homes - *snicker*) they have fabric remnants pre-cut into approximate 1 and 2 yard lengths. And its THICK fabric too!
Thank you Rachel Nelson-Smith - you have given me a reason to enjoy a visit to Ikea, even if only briefly in one section.
Rachel's work has been a source of eye candy for some time now. I truly enjoy browsing through visuals of her work. She's such a nice "celebrity beader" too!! I emailed her a question when I attempted a pattern of hers, and she kindly replied the same day.
Anyway....Rachel has a truly unique piece featured in the June/July issue of Beadwork Magazine. She was one of the participants in a pattern challenge which won the editor's choice award! She designed & created an amazing piece using a great pattern she has from a greeting card.
It inspired me!
Read through the instructions & think that I just might be able to pull enough info from the article that I can use some of that fabric I bought at Ikea !! When I bought that fabric, I had bead embroidery in mind...being somewhat new to all of the embroidery techniques, wasn't too sure of how "construction" would work - but couldn't pass up that fabric !! Such awesome patterns!

So - I managed to escape the Boutique a little bit early yesterday & head to a local Joann Fabrics. I needed something called fusible interfacing.
(Side note - I don't sew. I have no idea what I'm looking for.)

But the nice lady at Joann Fabrics knows what I'm looking for & cut me a yard (making bracelets and/or pendants, at the rate I make things, I'm sure it will last me a while).
However, while I was waiting in line to have interfacing cut, I discovered THEIR fabric section....
An entire two rows of quilters quarters neatly stacked down the entire length of the store.
-Insert Unlimited Possibilities Here-

So I managed to reel myself back in. I left purchasing less than $20 of materials (pat me on the back). Fray Check, Snaps, 1 yard Fusible Interfacing, 1 quilters quarter, and 1 yard of a Keepsake Collection fabric (it was 30% off!).

The design construction is a multiple step process which involves first fusing my fabric selection to this interfacing. long am I going to think about it before I get up off my touchie & drag out the iron?



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