Friday, July 23, 2010

Into the Swing of Things?

Today at 12pm begins my first self-declared week OFF from my full time career job in over 4 years. Not sick time, not scheduled moving time - actual "ok - I'm not answering the phone now"-OFF
YAY me!
I'm self employed, on many levels, and really don't get a day OFF from anything unless there is a real dire reason. I work 7 days a week, long hours.
Therefore, at 12pm, I have decided to turn my office phone to vaca mode.

I then plan on heading to the Boutique to sit in on a class that I'd love to take from one of my guest instructors.
However, then I'm hanging out as tonight is one of Pitman's Fourth Friday events.

But a day filled with Beads - I'll take it !!

So - onto the stuff I've been doing (ok, well, thinking about)...

Statement: I really do not like ironing.
I would rather scrub all the toilets in my house than iron one stinkin' piece of clothing. Which leads to a real problem when you read my post about Joann Fabrics and fusible interfacing. It means I have to actually bust out said iron & use it to fuse the fusible interfacing to the totally awesome quarter of fabric I bought. (bah !)

So yesterday, my lovely fiancee, in his morning rush, asks me to iron his shirt for the workday ahead. Um......I guess so...
Then I remembered that in order to start actually working on the intended project for this great fabric & that fusible interfacing, I have to start by actually fusing it together - which needs an IRON.
NOW - that's incentive! Finish dress shirt & then get to experiment with the new stuff I have !

Looked it up online, then read the instructions that came wrapped up with the fusible interfacing. Followed instructions (I think).
Lo and behold - great fabric is fused to backing !!!!!!
Now to cut apart components & start re-stitching them together with - well....BEADS !


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