Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You Know You're a Beader When....

The start of this blog was because I wanted a place to jot down quick ideas (or full blog snippets) that I was afraid I'd lose in my fast lane called life. I will always do my best to keep these pages upbeat & fun.

However...I must share what's been up the last few days.

There was a horrible tragic car accident 1/3 mile from where I live. The impact was so strong that I heard it & knew something was terribly wrong, without knowing it was even a car accident. I can't describe it here, other than the sound would numb you. Seeing the aftermath from a distance & knowing more about the young woman involved, it has completely zapped me of any potential creativity I might have had flowing.
I feel just terrible for her family, she was so young.
If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, and want to read more, I have a couple of articles posted.

SO - since I won't be beading tonight - I am trying to cheer myself into a positive rest of my week.
Mama needs her spunk back!
Let's do something fun!
Inspired by a newsletter feature in my local bead society -

Share with me, if you will, your stories of "You Know You're a Beader When....."




  1. Everything you look at you think hey I could do this design on this material.....or this would make such a neat beaded thingamajiggy.......or those colors would look so pretty together in a jewelry piece....or I could make matching jewelery for this sweater with the beads I have at home......or I don't have any more room and need a bigger house for all my beads.........

  2. You find a bead, piece of wire or random finding in your dryer's lint trap.

  3. You pack your beads before you pack your underoos for vacation!

  4. Every time you start to type a word that begins with "B-E" it ends in "A-D"