Monday, January 3, 2011

An advantage to having a cold?

Well, the last 6 days have posed a challenge for me. I've been forced home, taking time out of the office, and not stepping foot in the Boutique. (a big THANK YOU to my wonderful staff for holding down the fort)
I managed to catch a wicked cold during the Christmas holiday & became quite ill after the festivities settled down. I spent 3 days between sleeping in bed & sleeping on the couch. Countless fevers breaking, only to escalate again.

Then on New Years Eve, I managed to start to feel better !! Needless to say, not one to push it, I decided to saty home and forego the annual partying we always engage in. GB and I had a nice dinner together (although nothing tasted quite right), and we were home, him sleeping through the New Year's ball dropping. That was really quite OK with me. I didn't need the potential hangover after being sick.

So Saturday - I woke feeling pretty good, and I spent most of the day at the torch !! My creativity spurs all the time, I just usually don't have the time on my side to be able to dive in. This time, I felt OK, so I decided to work at the torch. Lots of little glass treasures were made - and I enjoyed every minute!

There will even be something special in the kit for our next Beader's Challenge announced this month at the Boutique!

Sunday came along, and I managed to pull out the seed beads and work on three - YES - THREE - class samples that I have been terribly behind schedule in making for January's classes at the Boutique.

Then it hit Sunday night - sick again !! This time, worse than the first time around. Bah!

And today was no different - spent most of the day alternating between sleeping and coughing.
But, even through all of that, given the nature of bead embroidery (and most seed beading for that matter), you can pick up and put down whenever necessary. I managed to pick up a piece that I had been working on several weeks ago, with the Lisa Peters Art focal piece. The surface is now finished the beading, and it has been glued to its base.

If I manage to wake tomorrow feeling the same sicky-ness - I just might find myself finishing up the piece.

Over this week, I treated myself to some of the generosity of Carol Dean Sharpe of Sand Fibers. She had a generous sale for the new year on her beading patterns. I picked up four of the favorites I've been keeping my eye on for a while. Maybe I'll get some time to work on them as well.

So - forced time off to allow the body to rest...
Is there an advantage to this? I've been more creative and completed more projects in the last six days than I have in the last month or two combined !!

Somebody's trying to tell me something, eh?


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