Friday, January 28, 2011

Can NEW BEADS snap you out of the winter blues? OF COURSE they can !!

This region of the country is certainly getting our share of *ick* weather this year.
It would be one thing if we received a happy amount of snow dumping on us, let us sit inside for a couple of days, then move on with it.
Unfortunately, Mother Nature does as she pleases, and we've been receiving adequately pain in the touchie amounts of snow over the last several weeks.

There's always a bright side - right?
Nothing better to cheer you out of your cold snowy weather slump than........ NEW BEADS !!!!!

Bead & Glass Boutique just received a great shipment of some new colors for your shopping pleasure:

Delica beads (11/0) in the new Duracoat finishes, and we even ordered the silver plated babies - we want to see them SHINE in your work.

Delica beads (8/0) in lots of new colors - and stay tuned a new class is coming using these beauties!

LOTS and lots of LONG MAGATAMA beads are in - you saw the bracelet on the cover of Beadwork, right?! The Dragon Bangle is a must have (see pg 74). We have lots and lots of colors to choose from - BUT - Hurry in - because I've heard from a reliable supply source that these are now so popular that he expects to sell out of the best selling colors here shortly. (*gasp*)

Keeping that issue of Beadwork in mind, page 44 has the "Brilliant Buckle Bracelet" featured. By request, we now have the colors in stock to make this exact piece. Hurry, supplies are limited on this one.

I also want to THANK all of the newest followers to the blog. Not only is it fun to share an update now & again, you'll be able to read about new projects that we're working on & mixing up for you.

Thanks readers !!


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  1. Beads can definitely pull a person out of the blues. All of this sparkly baubles!!!