Monday, April 23, 2012

To organize or to bead....a type "A" dilemma

Only another person with strong type "A" tendencies will understand my dilemma.

I can create a mess just like any other creative soul.

I like to organize things.

Most of the time, I handle organized chaos really well.
There might be a small pile on my desk, but if you ask me for the electric bill, I've got it at my fingertips!

I can not be creative in a messy work space.
I can't even work on an existing project until the materials that I've pulled out for the projects that I've recently finished have been put away.

For the readers out there that know me, you know that I really don't get too much time to actually work on beading projects. I own and operate three businesses, manage a team of staff, take care of my house, my fiancée, and my little kitty, teach beading classes, design new projects on occasion, and volunteer for a bead society. Beading? Don't laugh, it's true! I am a bead store owner that loves beads, loves to work on bead projects, but rarely gets to work on them.

So, wouldn't you think that my workspace would be rather messy? If I rarely have time to bead, why do I make time to clean it up and organize it so well? I could be spending that time starting a new project!

So, tell me - does anyone else need a really clear workspace and well organized materials to be able to get to working on your craft / hobby?

I'm interested in hearing your thoughts!

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  1. I own a bead store too and never have time to bead (actually I am also dumb enough to have a restaurant..long story). I never have enough time to straighten up except when I do sit down at my workspace I straighten up just long enough to get inspired. That always seems to work for me , new colors accidentally mixed together or misc. beads etc. cats that have chased each other across my table dumping bowls of beads .