Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bead & Button Show - Here I Come !

The day is here...
My first ever Bead & Button Show.

I've been involved in the beading community since 2003....nearly a decade.
I've shopped all of the local shows in the NorthEast that have outlets in the Greater Philadelphia area.

But... Bead & Button - goodness, of all beading mecca's !!

Not only is it a place for bead enthusiasts to shop, we gather, share ideas, bring exchange baggies, give lots of HUGS, and get to meet our beading friends from afar in real life (not just through a computer.) This bonds us together in ways that I can't yet describe.

So - I'm heading out to spend some time in the beading mecca.
I plan to make the Lisa Peter's Art booth my home base for the duration of the expo (shopping) days.
Joining Lisa this year is Carol Dean Sharpe !! Not only is she sharing Lisa's booth, she's generously sharing her room with me !!
This year has been so unbelievably busy, that I really didn't get to make plans too early. Carol Dean offered me a place to stay, for which I am grateful !

I'll be heading to the Meet the Teacher's night, working at the LPA for those busy times, visiting the Toho Party, having dinner with a group of beading friends that are joining in on a big bead swap, meeting with a group of other bead store owners for a fun night, lunch (hopefully) with Shelley Nybakke, dinner (hopefully) with June & Jill Wiseman on the final night, and a nice breakfast / brunch with Marcia DeCoster before relaxing the last day away & heading home.

I can't wait to see everyone & share photos !

Wait until you see what I bring back for Bead & Glass Boutique !!
Our customers will be just tickled pink at the amazing selections we'll have.
If it came from Bead & Button - it must be the best stuff on earth, right? LOL !!

See you all in Milwaukee !!

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