Thursday, July 5, 2012

Book Review: Japanese Beadwork with Sonoko Nozue

I have had a copy of this little treasure since sometime in March 2012.
As you know, I own a bead store. Up until last week, we could NOT keep a copy in the store. This publication has been very popular.

This week, I took the opportunity to really sit down an pour through the beautiful projects presented within its pages.

Sonoko Nozue authored the original Japanese publication in 2008, as "Mode de Beads," which included nine projects. Lark furthered the book by translating 16 additional designs by Sonoko. There are a total of 25.......yes, 25 projects !!!
This English language version was only made available this year (2012) from Lark.

Sonoko is a proud bead artist that seems to truly enjoy teaching her students both at home and here in the US (since 2005) at the Bead & Button Show. She is known for not only her beadwork, but also developed the SoNo thread, with her namesake.

Do we owe Lark a round of applause or what?
This is an absolutely stunning publication !
I don't know what beader could ask for more of.
Sonoko's amazing beaded projects are presented in an artful way, where the jewelry is the focus. There are photographs of a beautiful model in a matte black and white, with the jewelry in full color shiny finish!
In addition, the graphics make it easy to follow the pattern, with minimal written verbiage that can often confuse a novice beader. These instructions get straight to the point, either by translation or well-drafted default - its really this easy !!

My favorite presented project is Sonoko's "Sweet Breeze" netted shawl.
While time consuming, the finish project looks stunning in print - can you only imagine what it looks like in person ??

Congrats to Lark for yet another phenomenal Beadweaving Master Class presentation,

If you would like to preview two sample projects, I encourage you to visit Lark's website pages (links below).

Sonoko Wave

Crystal Rose Project

We want you to own this publication!! It's a MUST for every seed beader's library.
Call us at 856-827-0000 - order yours today and we'll ship one right out!!

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