Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Beads for Blog Post winners collaborate !!

Preciosa offers a Beads for Blog opportunity where you can enter to win a box of beads.
If you are a lucky recipient, you get to play with all kinds of goodies that they will send.

Two of my friends, Jennifer VanBenschoten and Kristen Stevens have both been lucky girls.
Both have received boxes from Preciosa's Brads for Blog program.

Want to see how they put their talents together?
Jennifer wrote a pattern, and knowing Kristen had the beads to make the project, she asked Kristen to text the pattern for her.
Here's the result & a very happy Kristen:

Go - check it out - and share Kristen's enthusiasm !!

On a side note - I did apply & I am hoping to be chosen to play with Preciosa's beads !!