Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Life has a funny way sometimes....

I keep mental lists.
I keep paper lists too, but my mental lists stretch far and deep.
On these mental lists are things that I want to do, not the things I have to do.
Things I have to do go on paper, and I scratch them off when they're successfully completed.
I feel a sense of accomplishment when I can physically scratch things off of a list.

Mental lists are different.
And if I didn't have such a level of responsibility each day, I might be able to focus a little more on the items that make it onto my mental lists.  But for now, work and life keep me so busy that the mental lists don't usually make it to paper or typed print.
They're just for me.  These are the "things I'll get to" or "things on the someday list."  
Often times, these are things (projects or tasks) that I've already mentally completed in their entirety:  a beading project that I was given the pattern for - I've already walked through every step, mentally, and can tell you exactly how to make that project, never putting needle to bead (I'd be a killer technical editor!!).  It might be the process of set up I'm considering for our store's new website.  It's the kit construction and design that's manifesting itself each moment I have to dedicate mental energy to it.  It's all of the books that I've read through, mentally making notes, mentally writing the review for Lark, and storing that in the mental folder for the day I have the time to sit and tap out the actual typed print review.  And it's the design of display for the new soutache we just received....  These are all of the things on my mental list today.  Each one has had energy spent on it just today.

In addition, I've crossed multiple things of the paper lists too (the "have to do's").  So by the time it's 11pm, and dinner is just wrapping up, it's not likely that I have much mental list making ability left to spend.  

Life has a funny way of throwing things at you, while you're standing on one foot, on a balance beam.  It laughs in your face and tests your deepest resolve.

So today, I'm putting a new thing on my mental list...
Laugh right back at it...figure out how to do this...make more mental lists if I have to (let's face it, that's a happy place for me), then laugh right back at it.

Because I got this!  

Now - start tackling some of those "mental lists" before the paper list gets in the way.


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