Friday, September 6, 2013

Operation Tackle That Bead Stash's Bead, Book & Bounce - Beaded Colorways

Operation Tackle That Bead Stash is an online beading group that I've recently joined.
Each month, they select a beading book and encourage their members to create something from the book.
Here's what they say:  "You can choose any project from within the current book and you’re welcome to make that project ‘as is’ or make your own adjustments - whether that be to color  beads or the basic pattern. We do not want to limit you, we want to encourage you!"

For the September reveal, the book is "Beaded Colorways" by Beverly Ash Gilbert.
The book opens with an in-depth discussion of basic color theory and progresses to explain how you may put the information to use in creating your own bead soup!
What is bead soup you ask?
Well, for someone with a strong case of organizational OCD, its a nightmare.
However, my creative side took over and I mixed the heck out of some seed beads !!
No regrets, just dumped and mixed.  
When I thought it needed a little more of a sprinkling of this or that, I added it!  Like salt from a salt shaker.  When I thought it needed less of something, I'd add something else to reduce the saturation of the strong color.

I chose to mix the same size seed bead (11/0) in my soup.
Here's what I came up with (which, for those of you that know me, this is SO out of my color palette).  

For me, however, in such a creative frenzy, I neglected to actually READ the OTTSB's guidelines that we should actually be making a project from the book.....  (oops!)
Fortunately, there is that caveat up there, that says, "make your own adjustments"  ---whew---

Because while I do believe the book is a wonderful color reference & resource, with a few great patterns, most of the patterns involve freeform beading of some type.  I'm a little too linear for most freeform bead work.

Instead, I made a bracelet with a netted base (using my new bead soup), and a sparkling embellished top!  Technically, the bracelet is reversible and can also be worn with the crystal embellished side down, if one chose to do so.

Meanwhile, feeling like I'd failed at my first assignment at OTTSB, I quickly whipped up a pair of Freeform Earrings, page 57.  Now.... I succeeded in completing a project from the book  ;)

The bracelet is 1.5" wide, the earrings are about 2.75" in length.
I used:  11/0 seed bead soup, 3mm crystal rondelles, 13/0 czech cut charlottes, freshwater pearls, 6/0 hex beads, Rizo beads, copper ear wires, and copper ball & socket clasps.

This is my first Operation Tackle That Bead Stash's Bead, Book, and Bounce!
What fun!  I am excited to see what is next on the list of 'things to do.'


  1. It's even prettier in person - great I love it Amy!

  2. Oh Amy! Thanks so much for joining in with Bead, Book & Bounce! There is no such thing as failing for this challenge - as the members have a wide range of interests and abilities, I've always been open to accepting projects 'inspired' by the books.

    So, since you've used the book to create your own (rather delicious) soup and then gone your own way in creating, this is the perfect example of using the books as a starting point!

    I love the bracelet too - very much my own kind of style!

    Clair x

    1. Thank you, Clair !! It was a fun project to create, and pushed my limits in both color and OCD ways. :)